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Im Pepsi Sprite

As everyone knows, English is one of the most important language around the world.

For example,when you are about to go abroad to study in another country,your shall at least master English.There are many exams to test your English as well.

Of course, China’s high speed development has made Chinese more and more important,maybe one day, Chinese will in place of English, and become a language which has the most user.

Thats not an excuse for you not to learn english.

No matter how time changes,no matter what the world become,one thing wont change:

“Everything you learn will have its place”

Through my word,you can find that i only used some simple grammar,thats because I didn’t use translation software to translate them.

Well, seems very boring.

Last but not least,who does not want to have a foreign friend, how to pretend to force things ah, after you meet, you have to use Google translation face to face translation?

Come on on on on!!!Look at those blue links,lets start our enjoyable learing.Ahahahahahahahahah.